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Player of the Term April - June 2014 - DAMIEN BRONSDIJK Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Player of the Term is back!

Well done to Damien Bronsdijk for his continuous improvement and commitment towards the sports. Keep up the good work! Damien is the Player of the Term for the April - June period


SUMMER SCHOOL 2014 - A huge success!! Monday, August 18, 2014

Longer than a month flew by since the academy opened its doors for the Summer School on the 3rd July.

So far this has been a huge success. Our students are fortunate enough to enjoy the experienced and professional coaching of our guest Coach from Poland Andrzej Borkowski and our Head Coach Edward Baldacchino with the help from the other academy's coaches.

Borkowski has brought new and fresh ideas with him from Poland and together with the ones of our Head Coach, they managed to create fun sessions with a unique style.

But the summer is not over yet and we have interesting things planned such as more workshops with the sports therapist Adele Muscat after the success of the first one held on the 2nd August.

You can enjoy some photos of our summer school by visiting the gallery or clicking here ...

So if you want to join us and form part of our amazing team, you can register now by clicking here ...

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  • How many balls can two players hit back and forth in 60 seconds?

    The current record is 173, set by Jackie Bellinger and Lisa Lomas in 1993

  • Did you know that...

    Table tennis is the most popular racquet sport in the world and ranked second overall in terms of participation. Over 10 million players compete in sanctioned tournaments each year.

  • Did you know that...

    A modern table tennis match at the elite level lasts on the average about 30 minutes

  • Did you know that...

    A modern table is 9 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 2.5 feet high. The net is 6 inches high.

  • Did you know that...

    China, Sweden and South Korea are currently the world powers in table tennis

  • Did you know that...

    Table Tennis balls are not hollow like one would think. They are pressurized with gas.

  • Did you know that...

    In the old school days players would come to the table playing with all sorts of materials including, sand paper, books, cork, wood and 5 inch thick sponge

  • Did you know that...

    The world class table tennis players of the world can hit a ball over 100 miles per hour!