We make You a Winner

Mission statement

The purpose of TopSpin Table tennis Academy is to foster good sportsmanship, interest in and expansion of the sport of table tennis.  It aims at increasing the knowledge and skills of its students, and motivating them to embark on national and international opportunities. By so doing, students are helped to avoid bad habits, while keeping them focused on their academic studies by instilling in them a spirit of competitiveness.

Our vision

To provide a healthy, clean and safe environment for children and youngsters who love the game of Table tennis.  Through the coaching lessons provided by our coaching team we aim to create the atmosphere for those who want to play just for fun, or those who intend to advance to higher levels.  Moreover, The TopSpin Table tennis Academy is aiming at providing the National Association with players that can represent their country in international events and competitions.

Meet our team


Administration Team

Edward Baldacchino
Lara Michelle Camilleri
Tournament Director
Tech. Tournament Co-ordinator
Alan Ellul
Alan Alden
Facebook/Twitter Manager
Website Manager
David Farrugia
Public Relations Officer
Official Photographer
Brian Cassar
Justin Schembri
Rodney Cassar