We make You a Winner

ITTF-PTT Level 1 Qualified Coaches

Head Coach Edward Baldacchino and coach Alex Soler are now ITTF qualified coaches after going to Portugal for this course given by the renowned and experienced instructor Mr Abilio Carvalho Cruz.

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  • Alex Soler, Mr Cruz and Edward Baldacchino
  • Edward Baldacchino being awarded his certificate
  • Alex Soler being awarded his certificate
  • The participants of this course
  • Alex and Edward with their certificates & Mr Cruz
  • Multi-ball demonstration
  • During one of the lectures done by Mr Cruz
  • Teamwork
  • During one of the lectures
  • Mr Dumingus Diniz, The owner of the club
  • Training
  • During practice
  • Some of the participants
  • Practising an exercise
  • Target exercises
  • Working together
  • Our head coach in action
  • Edward Baldacchino in play
  • Multi-ball with Mr Cruz
  • Practising the multi-ball
  • Alex Soler doing multi-ball
  • Practising the Top Spin
  • Edward Baldacchino awarded 2nd Place
  • Target hitting
  • Para Table Tennis with wheelchairs
  • Para Table Tennis with Crutches